I got the opportunity to travel to Whistler recently for a weekend getaway. For most people, Whistler is a world-class ski resort and host of the 2010 Olympic games but to me it is a place filled with childhood memories. These range from countless summers exploring creek beds to hours on ski runs. My parents have taken my brother and I here for as long as I can remember and once my dad got us into skiing we would come up multiple times a year. This was the first time I’ve been since graduating high school and what made it more special was that I had the opportunity to share it with my boyfriend.

Whistler isn’t just a place to visit during the winter, however, if you’re an avid skier I would highly recommend coming during this season. During the summer, the surrounding mountains offer many different activities which range from hiking to zip lining to relaxing by one of many lakes (this means there’s something for everyone).If you aren’t into outdoor activities, I have always enjoyed exploring the village. The wide array of quaint shops and restaurants can keep you amused for hours. Also the use of stone work and heavy timber in much of the architecture makes it seem like you’ve been transported to a cute little village located somewhere in Europe.

If you ever find yourself in Vancouver and want to get away from the busyness of the city I’d highly recommend travelling up to Whistler. The clean mountain air and beautiful scenery will help you feel relaxed and refreshed. Safe travels and enjoy!







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