Ki Tea House Cafe

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Lately I’ve been seeking out new cafes to try around Vancouver. This is probably due to the unusual cool, wet summer we’ve been having this year. Thus, I’ve been craving a lot of lattes!

Ki Tea House Cafe is a place I’ve discovered recently but will definitely go back to. This quaint little shop is within walking distance of Royal Oak Station making it easy to find/get to. I like how despite the prime location it’s still a quiet peaceful place to relax. The inclusion of a manga library makes the decor fun while still maintaining the cafe’s quaint charm. The combination of small and large tables makes it quite spacious and a perfect spot to meet up with friends.

Being half-Japanese I naturally gravitate towards Green Tea Lattes whenever I visit a cafe. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Ki is run and owned by Japanese people. The matcha used in their Green Tea Latte has a much richer, earthier tone to it than that of Cafe Joie. The slight bitterness (I find this as a mark of a high quality matcha) pairs perfectly with the delectable desserts. They also have delicious pastries and sandwiches if you’re more into savory things.

If you’re looking for a fun hang out spot with some Asian flare, Ki Tea House Cafe is a place I’d highly recommend checking out.

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