Granville Island Sun Day


It feels like summer is just around the corner. To me there is no better way of enjoying the nice weather then to go on a date. This past weekend my boyfriend and I decided to head down to Granville Island. We originally were planning on picking up some BC Spot Prawns but sadly the season got pushed back another week. My boyfriend loves mussels so we picked some up instead, which was a perfect excuse to make Paella.

I love anything with puffy sleeves; to be honest I don’t think I will ever grow tired of them. To me, they represent all things girly (this is probably due to my obsession with Sailor Moon as a child). I wish Western fashion would incorporate them more.

I decided to pair this white polka dot shirt with some structured black shorts. Sandals and the fact that my top is a cotton tee makes this the perfect casual outfit for a day date.


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