Growing up in Vancouver many think that I never got picked on in grade school for my lunch, but I did. I began elementary in the late 90s and the whole Japanese/sushi craze didn’t start until the mid-2000s. This means there was about full decade of having kids turn their noses up at my lunch.

A question I often get asked is what my mother would make since my father is Causation? The answer is a simple one; a variety of different foods. Although my personal tastes lean towards the flavours and simplicity of  Japanese cuisine, I have learned to appreciate other cultures’ cooking. Through my travels to various countries and living in a multi-cultural city, I have studied and observed these different flavours and techniques.

I am a self-taught cook and my childhood dream was to be a home-maker one day. Let me share with you the recipes I have developed over the last decade. These are my takes of dishes you would find from numerous other cultures and I hope that you enjoy them as much my friends and family do. However, my first love of cooking still stems from my Japanese heritage 🙂