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I never really had much of taste for coffee until I started university. I guess taking 11 semesters in a row with only 6 weeks off a year will do that to you. Although I have learned to appreciate this slightly acidic, stimulating drink, I much prefer lattes.

One of my absolute favorite places to grab a latte in Vancouver is at Cafe Joie. This quaint little shop is located within a few blocks of Metrotown making it easily accessible. I like how it is tucked away on a side street which gives it a more relaxed atmosphere. The clean, minimalist decor gives the cafe a homey yet romantic feel. This makes it a perfect spot for a date.

I always get the Green Tea Latte here. The earthy tones of matcha combined with the creaminess of the steam milk makes for a pleasant experience. The drink is not overly sweet which allows it to pair perfectly with all of Cafe Joie’s dessert delicacies. I love the macaroons but they have many other treats such as waffles, cakes and pudding.

Cafe Joie is a pleasant spot to relax, whether it be to study, work or just hang out with some friends. I will continue to come here when I get my cravings for something a little sweet.

everydayhapa_cafe joie_latte & macaroons

everydayhapa_cafe joie_macaroons

everyday hapa_cafe joie_latte

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